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Automating repetitive processes within your enterprise, reducing costs, increasing speed and productivity, while allowing your employees to focus on the really important tasks.
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Redefining RPA

Traditional Robotic Process Automation is a complex endeavor - many providers face multiple challenges, ranging from technological difficulties associated with enterprise process automation, platform capabilities, legacy systems to correct and complete process definition, including system and process exceptions. We can help change that.


Our approach allows us to tackle even the most complex customer issues and environments. We are not intimidated by legacy systems or custom applications.

End-to-End Support

We work closely with you from the early stages of the project up to end customer support, helping you identify, document, develop and deploy automated workflows.

Robot Factory

Our approach and tools allow us to create a repository of common, cross-industry processes which can be deployed to a large number of customers, with minimal configuration effort.

Platform Overview

Scalable, Industry-Grade Flexibility and Performance

Workforce Designer

For our partners and customers to leverage the full potential of our platform, we provide them with a State-of-the-Art Designer which can model, test, manage and deploy robotic processes across the enterprise. No programming skills are required!

Robotic Framework

Our Robotic Framework is built from the ground up using modern design principles and a sound architecture, which offers our customers and partners unprecedented flexibility, performance and scalability.

Multiple Platforms

The RPA Platform you are using is very important. But without active support for the most relevant desktop technologies, our customers cannot harness their true potential. This is why we support a broad range of target platforms for our automation framework: Windows Apps, Metro Apps, Web Browsers, Java Apps, Terminals and more.


The new-age enterprise demands complete flexibility from it's Digital Workforce. As such, automated processes must be controlled and scheduled in a centralized and efficient manner. This is where our Orchestrator comes in.

Blockchain Audit

Auditing any enterprise-grade system can be a challenge! That's why our Robotic Framework uses Blockchain technology for its audit process, providing a clear, complete and unalterable picture of process automation across the company.

Robot Factory

Our platform allows us to target generic, cross-industry processes by developing ready-to-deploy, standalone solutions that require no customization - only light configuration.

Use Cases

RPA Use Cases - By Technology

Screen Scraping

Screen Scraping is actually a very important aspect while taking in consideration the integration of different workflows.
This enables more recent applications to be able to interact with legacy applications that do not offer an API and complements the data entry side of automation.


Now your business can run Oracle like never before.
Integrating Oracle applications with other applications is now cost-effective, faster, less error-prone, and possible with Mission Critical's Oracle Automation.


Now your business can run SAP like never before.
Integrating SAP applications with other applications is now cost-effective, faster, less error-prone, and possible with Mission Critical's SAP Automation.


Mission Critical's Excel Automation is here to help with: Reading/Writing data, Data Extraction, Data Migration, Integrating with 3rd party apps, Workbook and Worksheet Management, Complex Report Automation involving huge volumes of data spread between a large number of Excel files.

Advanced Data Scraping

Unstructured Data - Making sense out of Chaos


Most enterprise processes are information-centric. This is an aspect often overlooked by other RPA vendors, in the sense that they don't provide end users with capable tools to collect, interpret and organize company data in such a way that it helps the process and does not induce an additional level of complexity.

Automatic Classification

Through the use of complex Classification and Pattern Recognition algorithms, our software is capable of making sense of unstructured data and organizing it efficiently with little or no human assistance.

Data Sources

In order to provide extended flexibility, multiple data sources can be "scraped": text files, PDF files, Web Pages, XML files, Databases and so on. Even more, due to our experience in the Computer Vision and Optical Character Recognition field, we are also able to extract and process data from scanned documents.

Dedicated Development Environment

DataScraping Designer is a complete, stand-alone tool that offers analysts all the necessary means to define and structure the company data. Of course, data scraping capabilities are fully integrable and compatible with our RPA Platform.


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