Identity Card Management

The ideal solution for businesses that require fast and accurate data collection from identity documents

Fast, complete data collection

Through the use of dedicated identity document scanners, which feature support for a multitude of documents (such as passports, identity cards, driving licenses, etc.), our solution quickly and accurately gathers information from your customers and guests. Our solution is perfect for any front-office, customer facing business - such as hotels, banks, rent-a-car, insurance, and so on.

Automatic operation

The scanner is easy to work with and requires virtually no user training. You just place the identity document on the scanning surface and the solution takes care of the rest!

Extensive Identity Document support

We offer support for over 160 different identity documents from across the world (not counting their variations), with support for new documents added monthly.

Seamless ERP and third party integration

Due to our extensive experience in Robotic Process Automation field, we are able to integrate our scanning solution with virtually any target system or ERP, at the UI level, regardless of the underlying technology used. We currently feature both generic connectors as well as dedicated connectors for the following ERP systems:

  • Micros Opera
  • Fidelio PMS
  • Medallion PMS
Unlike most of our competition, we do not require any expensive third party software or interfaces from the ERP provider.

Best-in-class hardware

We have partenered with the very best providers of scanning technology - Gemalto (formerly 3M) - to bring you the best scanning devices currently on the market. These feature an ergonomic design, extensive support and warranty, rugged design and only require one USB cable for both data and power transmission.

Fiscal Code Interface

Automating Company Information Data Entry - based on VAT Number

Complete and accurate data form entry

Fiscal Code Interface is a stand-alone application that automates company information data entry - our solution adds a feature on top of an existing application or system; it continually listens for users to enter a valid VAT number within a target form within the monitored application and automatically queries and fills the respective form with the selected information.

Unassisted operation

End users are often unaware that our solution is actually helping them! It is that transparent! It requires virtually no training!

Integrates with Anything

This is a Software Robot that can be integrated with anything! We support any data source and can integrate with any target app. Minimal configuration required.