Excel Automation

Remember! No programming or scripting is required!

Ramp up your Excel related business operations!

Managing large volumes of data in Excel format is now cost-effective, faster, less error-prone, and possible with Mission Critical's Virtual WorkForce Technology for Excel.

Microsoft's Excel is being used for storing information, analysing, sorting, and reporting. It’s extremely popular in business because spreadsheets are highly visual and fairly ease to use. Some of the most common business uses of Microsoft Excel are for business analysis, managing human resources, performance reporting, and operations management.
However, Excel based operations are usually encountered in the following areas:

✓ Business Analysis
✓ Managing Operations
✓ Performance Reporting
✓ Office Administration
✓ Strategic Analysis
✓ Project Management
✓ Contract Administration
✓ Account Management

Mission Critical's Excel Automation Robots are here to help with any scenario that requires Excel usage. Even more, our robots are here to unburden your employees and to help them achieve much greater efficiency complementing their work and coming to their aid by taking that time consuming and mundane actions and performing all the repetitive rule based tasks for them.

Free yourself for higher value tasks

You can save a lot of time and direct your energy into higher value activities and tasks.

Increase productivity and Efficiency

A robot will not only perform the same workflow much faster but it will achieve this with zero mistakes.

Accuracy and Speed

Repetitive tasks are prone to mistakes when the same actions need to be done again and again when taking in consideration manual labor. Mistakes usually tend to form a snow ball effect. You do not want in your activities.

It just works!

You explain the workflow. We agree on the definition and you get yourself a high perfoming robot. No programming involved. No other resource costs.

In the background

Excel activities are one of the best candidates for background running. You just want it to be done? We got you covered. You don't even need to have an Excel installation. No clutter, no intrusion. The robot works in the background and notifies when he's work is done.


Integrating with other applications or databases can be really complex and time consuming. Given our expertise, we can offer a seamless integration with any enterprise application that acts as the required input data.