How to Create and Release Production Order - CO01 in SAP

Production Order creation is required to produce the material and consume the components which are used, and it also specifies the sequence of operations to be performed at the work center.
The release of order signifies that the order is ready to be executed at the shop floor. You can do an automatic release of order also during creation mode by using relevant production scheduling profile in the material master with auto release indicator set.

Step 1

Open transaction CO01
Enter the material code for which production order needs to be created.
Enter Plant Code.

After filling in all the fields, click or press Enter to go to the next screen.

Step 2

Input the order quantity.
Select the option"current date" in scheduling sub-screen.

After filling the entire fields press click to confirm, the system will then copy BOM and Routing data in the order.

Step 3

Click to release the order. The following message will appear in the bottom left corner: . Click to check material availability. The system will show the message regarding the availability of components. Note: You can also decide not to release the order if there are missing parts found in availability checks.

Click button to save, the following message will show in the bottom left corner .

That's it! These are all the actions that define the workflow that theMission Critical SAP PP Create Production Orders Robot will perform each time.
It just works!